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You will find some of the frequently asked questions about products. If you cannot find here an answer to your question please contact us
When you turn on the microphone the indicator LED will flash 1~2 seconds which means it is ON without any issue, then will be keeping dark during recording to save light.. And if the indicator LED keep flash, it means the battery is too weak and need to be changed.

This Microphone features with no loudspeaker equipment, the effect of sound amplification will not be achieved. it aims to significantly reduce the surrounding ambient noise, improve the audio quality. If the purpose could not be achieved, please check as following way:

  1. Make sure the plug line of 3.5mm has been plugged in, because our plug is stereo, and there are three sections, there will be customers not all inserted into the mouth of MIC
  2. Make sure the battery is powered up and there is no installation error, + that face up is correct
  3. Whether to plug into the Mic port, not the headphone port
  4. Please check if there is ripple vibration on your camera, if yes, means it is under recording
  1. Please insert the receiver to your PC MIC interface
  2. Adjust the CH to the same mode
  3. Remember that there is an audio equipment in your PC
  1. Check camera settings for flashing light.
  2. Check the battery is full of power and correct installation
  3. Check the hot shoe of camera and flash is in good connection
  4. Check that the flash is suitable for your camera
  5. Check if the flash is overheated
  6. Check if flash mode is wrong
This buzz switch could be closed but in this situation all the voice was closed. please check enclosed image, C.Fn-14-1 means the buzz off.
Here are the steps:
  1. Press ON to open the flash
  2. Long press Fn button for about 3~4 seconds
  3. Press up button to change the number to 14
  4. Press the right button to change the number to 1, then click YES,means buzz function was closed;left button to change number to 0, then click YES, means the buzz function was on.
PS. These steps could also be found on instruction manual
There are 6PCS adapter ring included in this flash, here is the size:
52 55 58 62 67 77mm, as long as your lens size is one of them, then could be used,
Here is the way to check your lens size:
Your camera's lens thread size will be marked somewhere on the lens barrel or printed underneath your lens cap. This number is always preceded by a "?" (diameter) symbol. For example: ?52 = 52mm lens thread size.
If your lens size is none of them, please tell us, we may include the size you need but at this case, this item must be shipped from China so that we could pack with this adapter ring you need.
This issue could be improved according to following suggestions:
  1. Q1: Camera shutter does not release when lens is attached
    A:The lens is fully manual and does not have electrical contacts. Please switch your camera to "M" (manual) mode
  2. Q2: Images are too dark
    A:Lower the f-stop on the lens, and/or lower shutter speed, and/or raise ISO settings on camera
  3. Q3: Images are too bright
    A:Raise the f-stop on the lens, and/or raise shutter speed, and/or raise ISO settings on camera
  4. Q4: Images are not coming out in focus
    A:a) Adjust the focusing distance on the lens to the correct distance.
    b) In certain photographic situations, you may find it easier to focus at f/5.6-8 rather than f/3.5
For example: KF21.005(58mm 0.35X)
Back thread diameter (attach to lens):58mm
Front thread diameter (attach additional filter/lens hood/ other accessories):67mm
Please note there are two way to install the compartments:
  1. The circle one is the correct installed direction, on the contrary, the circle two is wrong.
  2. We pressed two compartments and are easy to find that the correct installed direction is very solid, but the wrong direction is very easy to press down
  3. Pic3 is the correct installment
Please note there are two way to install the compartments:
  1. Make sure the flower/tulip lens hood is correctly positioned: the correct orientation is with the larger peaks at the top and bottom and the smaller peaks at the side
  2. It is a normal issue that when you shoot at angle of view 18mm, the vignette will be appeared on the picture.as the flower/tulip lens hood is not designed for one special lens, then could not guarantee that all the lens will not have the vignette issue,as long as the flower lens hood size=your lens size, then could be used. this issue could be improved just by slightly retun the lens hood and there you go been getting eliminated.