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You will find some of the frequently asked questions about products. If you cannot find here an answer to your question please contact us
All the K&F concept lens cap is screw-on cap, but the outer frame of lens hood features with no thread, so once attach them together, will be easily fall off, we suggest to attach the lens cap directly to lens instead of lens hood.
The correct orientation is with the larger peaks at the top and bottom and the smaller peaks at the side.
Since flower/tulip lens hood features with no thread, so the filters could only be attached BEFORE the lens hood

If your camera is large or telephoto zoom lens, please ensure to expand the leg angle, and hang some weight to the hook to increase its stability. For camera with telephoto zoom lens, you need to buy a tripod mount ring additionally for better balance.

For heavy medium format lenses like telephoto lens, we suggest to use with a telephoto bracket and a tripod to balance its weight when shoot

Please note: our M42 adapter ring could not be suitable for Pentax Takumar Super Takumar Carl Zeiss M42 series(aperture pin does not fully depress, small tabs sticking out), as ours depresses the aperture pin all the way down

There are two types of FD mounts
FD/FL Breech-Mount (with a silver ring, you need to rotate the silver ring when attachment and removal), breech-lock mounts are identified by the silver ring
New-FD Bayonet Mount, bayonet mounts are identified by a red dot next to the lens release button

Here are the steps to install breech-mount version

  1. Set your lens to smallest except for auto(bayonet mount only)
  2. Rotating the Lock-Open ring of the adapter on the OPEN side
  3. Line up the red dot with your lens and adapter ring(if yours is bayonet mount, just turn the adapter ring towards clockwise direction to make lens and adapter tight,then ignore the 4th step)
  4. Turn your lens ring towards counterclockwise direction to make the adapter ring tight with your lens
  5. Rotating the Lock-Open ring of the adapter on the LOCK side to engage the aperture closing pin

Operating the adapter

  1. If you'd like to operate the lens aperture with the adapter; on your lens, set the aperture to the smallest opening and use the adapter ring
  2. If you'd like to operate the lens aperture with the lens; place the adapter ring on the small aperture(Lock place) and control the aperture on the lens