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K&F Sac à dos pour caméra photographique Sac étanche pour appareil photo 15 " Compartiment housse contre pluie -K&F concept

Modèle : KF13.096

My new everyday carry!
What I use this bag for:Run-&-Gun Photography and Video. I've had this bag now for 2-3 weeks of use on jobs. I needed a bag that could hold a small amount of camera gear safely, which includes (1) camera with lens attached, (2) Camera Flash, (3) Lens components. I also needed it to hold 1 external light, a GoPro with a Gimbal attached, batteries, chargers, a tablet and a clip board. The camera compartment leaves much to be desired, but if you are running a small camera for ventures on a hike, this is your bag. Top storage is great and separates the camera below from whatever is above. The camera compartment itself feels like an afterthought. I wouldn't store any prime lenses for too long in that department. Overall the bag is a success for short projects. Great for short day hikes. But...Pros:+Canvas bag has been treated with a rubberized, water resistant film which adds to dexterity. I don't know how strong it would be without this.+Zippers are quality+/- Has a cobra belt clamp (which is half the price of the bag)+Comes with a mini water resistant "raincoat" (see pics)Overall good for the moneyCons:-Camera compartment materials are substandard and a bit small, hard but thin.-Elastic strap that surrounds the removable camera compartment was already deteriorating and flimsy-Ergonomics and weight distribution of the bag when used with both straps on is an afterthought. It pulls away from your back if you have any real weight at the top of the bag instead of pushing downward like most bags.-Not much protection for the top of the bag-The compartments for cards and batteries is ill-placed and virtually unusable.-Cobra belt clasps are usually $30 dollars by themselves. So the bag is really priced out of its league without it. That says something about the longevity of this bag.-Camera compartment does not fully zip completely, Its in the design, not a flaw in my actual bag.
My new everyday carry! My new everyday carry!