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Trépied de voyage B210 en fibre de carbone légère avec colonne à 2 sections / Accessoires en métal / Étui / Rotule à 360 °

4.8 12 ( Commentaires) Modèle :KF09.077
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139,99€ 109,99€
&livraison gratuite en France
  • Fabricant : K&F Concept
  • Acheter K&F Concept trépied de voyage b210 en fibre de carbone légère avec colonne à 2 sections / accessoires en métal / Étui / rotule à 360 ° en ligne, livraison gratuite et garantie de retour de 30 jours.
  • KF09.077
  • Disponibilité : Out Of Stock
  • 109.99
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Trépied de voyage B210 en fibre de carbone légère avec colonne à 2 sections / Accessoires en métal / Étui / Rotule à 360 °
En vedette
  • • 【Haute performance dans un format compact et léger】 Le trépied est en fibre de carbone, les pieds sont conçus en 5 sections, le trépied est si léger que son poids est presque imperceptible. Il ne pèse que 1 008 kg, capable de supporter des charges allant jusqu'à 8 kg. Vous pouvez obtenir une taille compacte de 36cm après avoir été plié à 180 °, vous permet de la mettre dans votre valise ou dans un sac à dos de trekking, vous pouvez prendre des photos ou Vlog lors de voyages plus confortablement
  • • Column Colonne centrale conçue en 2 sections Le trépied pour appareils photo reflex possède une colonne centrale en 2 sections, vous permet de régler une hauteur maximale de 155 cm et une hauteur minimale de 36 cm. Ce trépied est tellement portable qu'il en fait un excellent compagnon pour vos voyages. La colonne centrale peut être fixée ou ajustée pour laisser la caméra au niveau du sol, ce qui est très utile si vous pratiquez la macrophotographie.
  • • Lock Verrous à fil et métalliques】 Tous les verrous sont métalliques, ce qui améliore considérablement la durée de vie du trépied. La fermeture du filetage des pieds est facile à démonter et à nettoyer; Les pieds ont des extrémités en caoutchouc, pour une prise facile sur toutes les surfaces. La partie inférieure de la colonne centrale comporte un crochet pour plus de stabilité et pour abaisser le centre de gravité en ajoutant un lest, tel qu'un sac ou un sac à dos.
  • • 【Réalisation de panoramas à 360 ° La rotule 3D à échelle graduée permet une rotation panoramique à 360 ° et une orientation optimale au format vertical et horizontal. Il consiste en un verrou horizontal indépendant pour une plus grande précision dans les prises de vue panoramiques et est conçu pour être utilisé avec des filetages de 3/8 ”et ¼”.
  • • 【Service après-vente】 Nous garantissons une période de retour de 30 jours sans obligation et sans explications, ainsi qu'une garantie de 360 ​​jours. Pour toute question, n'hésitez pas à nous contacter, notre service clientèle dédié vous répondra dans les 24 heures.
Trépied en Carbone
Colonne centrale 2 sections / Accessoires en métal / Boîtier / Rotule à 360 ° /
pour Vlogging Travel pour appareil photo Canon Nikon Sony Olympus
Mini trépied flexible pour téléphone portable, appareil photo, vidéo
Portée de contrôle de 10 m Jumelez-vous avec vos smartphones via Bluetooth pour contrôler le tournage à distance.
5 Sections

41,5 cm de hauteur minimale
Hauteur maximale
155 cm
14.2 "(36cm)
2,2 lb / 1 kg
Trépied en fibre de carbone
16 pouces / 36cm
Léger facile à transporter
Prise de vue panoramique à 360 °
Synthèse panoramique plus précise.
2,2 lb / 1 kg
Trépied en fibre de carbone
Photographie à faible angle
Réalisé par l'axe central inversé.
Cote globale   4.8   
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Light Weight. Carbon Fibre. Portable. Tripod
So glad I've upgraded my tripod, have been using a cheap one for a while and it's about time I upgraded, it comes with so much extra features that get me them perfect shots.The size of this tripod can go down to an ideal carry-along size that I can take up mountains with me with ease, the ball head on the top is great because it's 360 so I can get them needy shots that I need. For such a small camera it's got so many features, I still haven't figured out quite a bit that are already on the tripod but that'll come over time the more I use it, the metal flip lock is really ideal when you need to lock it lower/higher.Incase you're wondering, this tripod is fantastic in bad weather conditions, in the UK it's been awful weather in the mountains and I've took this with me and it's been great, none of the features have stopped working which is a big plus when looking for a tripod because some the slightest of freeze can either break it or make the adjustment slower than usual. The build quality is awesome and this tripod is going to last me a good while, I'm that impressed with it I'm already looking at others for my next upgrade.
Light Weight. Carbon Fibre. Portable. Tripod Light Weight. Carbon Fibre. Portable. Tripod Light Weight. Carbon Fibre. Portable. Tripod Light Weight. Carbon Fibre. Portable. Tripod
Very lightweight, fits well in a bag, perfect for travelling
Pros:I was surprised by the weight, it seems to be just ideal to strap to a bag while on a walkIncluded bag is great, nice design and has a zip pocket insideBall head has a level head and compassQuick release is arca-swiss compatibleSturdy considering the weight, and has a hook for a bag at the bottomMechanical latches feel well builtFolds down to be very smallCons:Doesn't extend as tall as other tripods I've used however this is to be expected given its sizeTwist lock was awkward at first as I've never used it before however I got used to itVerdict:Great value, the compactness and light weight of this tripod makes it perfect for hiking, which is what I'll be using it for.
Very lightweight, fits well in a bag, perfect for travelling Very lightweight, fits well in a bag, perfect for travelling Very lightweight, fits well in a bag, perfect for travelling
Good value and quality travel tripod
I was looking for a new lightweight travel tripod for a holiday coming up that would also fit in the available space on my new Esddi back pack and my Sony A6300.Not wanting to drop silly money on something like a Peak Design and already owning a large Manfrotto carbon tripod that I use for studio and interior shoots. This purchase would be just for travel and landscape.After looking for what seemed like forever at various options, measuring my current tripod heights etc I settled on this B210 61" model from K&F Concept.I cannot rate this tripod more highly. It is small when packed, weighs just over 1 kilo and unpacks to a reasonably firm base for all I’ve thrown at it so far in the latest trip.My only criticism would be (and it’s not much of one) is the ball head clamp. It feels a little too flimsy in my hands since it's made of plastic, and the ball head itself feels a touch lower grade, BUT at this price I’m happy. An upgrade to the ball head is not a huge price. I have a couple of Manfrotto lying around but they don’t take the Arca style L Bracket I use on my A6300.Overall I’d recommend this tripod to any aspiring or seasoned landscape photographer as a good all round lightweight tool.
Good value and quality travel tripod Good value and quality travel tripod
Light-weight, sturdy, carbon tripod
An ultra portable, premium quality tripod. Made from Carbon Fibre, it weighs in at less than 1kg and has a compact size of just 36cm; making it ideal for photography on-the-go. The central column can be adjusted from 14” to 61” in seconds, and for the first time; fixed at ground level for incredible macro photography shots. The 360 degree swivel ball head is great for capturing panoramic views, and flexible leg angles ensure you can capture the perfect moment every time; regardless of terrain. In my opinion, this is a best-in-class market leading tripod. Very impressed!
Light-weight, sturdy, carbon tripod Light-weight, sturdy, carbon tripod
It all starts with WHY?
Having spend a fair amount hiking and exploring, I was looking in the market for a lighter weight tripod (i had full-size alloy one ). I find this carbon fiber tripod affordable to buy within my budget. It is Very Light (1005 grams - Verified) so definitely helps for long hiking trips.All three legs are carbon material which can be adjusted into multiple heights using 4 circular locks on each leg. Each circular lock tightens a leg in clockwise rotation for a particular height and releases the legs to expand in anti-clock rotation. The camera mounts on a plastic made base along with bubble level to align the camera straight. So far I have used this tripod on hiking trip only once and my camera sits without any wiggle on the plastic mount with kit lens, prime lens and telephoto zoom lens.Each leg has 2 indexing positions which works well for me. My previous tripod had 3 index positions and to be honest, I never really used the middle one so it's not a huge loss for me. The legs extend with a twist-lock mechanism and slides and locks very smoothly, noticeably more smooth than my previous one. I do have a 70-200mm lens and feel I have to be a bit more careful when getting my shots set up because this tripod has a narrower stance than my previous one and with my lens mounted at full extension is a little less stable than I'd like. BUT, given my intended use and how compact and light weight this tripod is, I am very, very satisfied with it.
It all starts with WHY?
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